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LAB-LTM Accreditation Fees


Processing Fee*: $100 (for labs with additional programs, such as Adult and Pediatric or satellite labs that fall under the same system, additional processing fees are waived). 

Accreditation Fees

  • For one (EMU or Critical Care/CC): $1,500
  • For both (EMU & CC): $2,000                                                         
  • Epilepsy Monitoring with invasive (NAEC Level IV): $2000
  • Epilepsy Monitoring with invasive (NAEC Level IV) and Critical Care: $2,500
  • Satellite or related labs may be recognized under the same application for a discounted fee if the staff, medical director, and policies are the same. The first lab will be full price, and subsequent labs will be discounted 20% (i.e., $1500 + $1200 = $2700 for 2 labs)
  •  Centers with both Adult and Pediatric programs should submit separate applications (NAEC considers the programs separately). The first program will be full price, and additional programs are discounted 20%. 
      • Adult/Ped EM: $2700
      • Adult/Ped EM with invasive: $3200
      • Adult/Ped EM and CC: $5100
      • Adult/Ped EM with invasive and CC: $5600


*The processing fee is due upon notice the application has been accepted. 
Checks should be payable to ABRET and sent to the ABRET office.
MasterCard and Visa accepted. Please complete the Credit Card Processing Form

Invoicing is available upon request (anna@abret.org).