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LAB-LTM Accreditation Fees


Processing Fee*: $100 (for labs with additional programs, such as Adult and Pediatric or satellite labs that fall under the same system, additional processing fees are waived). 

Accreditation Fees

  • For one (EMU or Critical Care/CC): $1,500
  • For both (EMU & CC): $2,500                                                         
  • Epilepsy Monitoring with invasive (NAEC Level IV): $2,500
  • Epilepsy Monitoring with invasive (NAEC Level IV) & CC: $3,000
  • Satellite or related labs may be recognized under the same application for a discounted fee if the staff, medical director, and policies are the same. The first lab will be full price ($1,500), and subsequent labs will be discounted 20% (i.e., $1500 x 20% = $1,200)
  • Centers with both Adult and Pediatric programs should submit separate applications (NAEC considers the programs separately). The first program will be full price, and additional programs are discounted 20%. 
      • Adult/Ped EM: $2,700   =$1500 + $1200 (i.e., $1500 x 20%)
      • Adult/Ped EM with invasive: $4,500   =$2500 + $2000 (i.e., $2500 x 20%)
      • Adult/Ped EM and CC: $4,500   =$2500 + $2000 (i.e., $2500 x 20%)
      • Adult/Ped EM with invasive and CC: $5,400   =$3000 + $2400 (i.e., $3000 x 20%)


*The processing fee is due upon completion of the Part I application. 

Accreditation Renewal Fees

  • Epilepsy Monitoring: $700
  • Critical Care EEG Monitoring: $1,000
  • Epilepsy Monitoring with invasive (NAEC Level IV): $1,000
  • Satellite labs and Centers with both Adult and Pediatric programs are provided a 20% discount for subsequent accreditation renewals. 

Checks should be payable to ABRET and should reflect LAB-LTM or an invoice number.

Checks should be mailed to the ABRET Executive Office at:

111 E. University Drive, Ste. 105–355

Denton, TX  76209

 Invoicing and/or an ABRET W-9 are available upon request (anna@abret.org). 

 Most major credit cards are accepted. Click here to complete a Credit Card Processing Form for initial LAB-LTM Accreditation or click here to complete a Credit Card Processing Form for LAB-LMT Accreditation Renewals