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Recertification FAQs

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Recertifications will be accepted one year prior to your expiration date.

January 1, XXXX - December 31, XXXX

If you plan on submitting your ASET CEU Transcript, you may download it from your ASET membership account. ASET does not provide this information to ABRET.

As of November 2020, you may also store your continuing education as you earn it through our new ABRET Credential Management system.

In the 9 year history of recertifications this is the first time that this fee has ever been raised. ABRET strives to keep recertification requirements flexible in order to keep costs down. This increase breaks down to $20/year instead of $15.

If you have already submitted a Part I Midpoint prior to February 2015, you may complete the Part II Midpoint in the year your credential expires.
If you have not yet submitted a Part I Midpoint please wait until the year your credential expires to turn in all of your CEUs for recertification.

All credentials expire on December 31st of your expiration year. There is a one (1) month grace period until January 31st for an additional $100 fee ($200 total). After that, the credential will need to be earned again through the full examination process.

Yes! You must upload your continuing education through your ABRET Credential Management account.

You will receive emails through Credential Manager when your credential needs to be renewed. Please make sure your account is up to date. It is your responsibility to know when your credential expires.

If you received your credential before 2006-yes. After 2006 all CE must be directly related to the credential. General medical education will not be accepted.

END educators working for programs (college based or private) are not allowed to count their time teaching toward recertification, as it is considered their job and not a continuing education activity.

All recertifications must be postmarked by December 31 of the year the credential expires.

No, technologists who opt to retake the written exam rather than turning in the continuing education hours, and fail the exam, will not be able to fall back on continuing education hours to maintain their credential.

Technologists who recertify by December 31st will retain their credential number and those whose credential has lapsed and later recertify will be issued a new number.

Continuing education credits from ASET are the most common, but other types of continuing education are also acceptable, as long as they are related to the credential. ABRET will be auditing recertification documentation. Therefore you are urged to maintain documentation of your attendance and course content of the programs you list on your ABRET CE form. Visit our Acceptable Continuing Education page for more information.

It is not ABRET’s desire that you spend significant resources to earn your continuing education. It is ABRET’s goal that you continue to learn and keep current in your field. There are many options and ABRET will accept documented continuing education that is related to the credential, whether it is a professionally sponsored program or an organized in-house effort. Continued growth and learning are the anticipated results which will benefit you, your patients and your employer.

ABRET is pleased to offer Emeritus status to our credentialed professionals who have retired from the field. In order to be awarded Emeritus status, send a letter announcing your retirement to the ABRET Executive Office. Emeritus status means credentials will not show up as expired in the online database. If you would rather keep your credential current, please continue to participate in continuing education and renew your credential according to requirements for recertification. Please notify ABRET upon retirement.

Upon suspension or withdrawal of certification, the certificant shall discontinue the use of all claims to certification that contain any reference to ABRET, and return any certificates issued by ABRET.

Once a credential has expired the candidate must retake the current credentialing exam in order to obtain an ABRET credential.