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ABRET EEG Lab Accreditation


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The Laboratory Accreditation Board of ABRET announces an accreditation program for EEG Labs meeting technical standards and demonstrating quality output. The evaluation will focus on the technical component of the recordings and lab management issues. Lab accreditation will benefit all EEG Labs by bolstering confidence, addressing customer service, and enhancing the Lab’s reputation and recognition.

Benefits of ABRET Lab Accreditation

  • Independent, objective verification of quality
  • Proof that the lab can produce EEGs interpretable by competent physicians anywhere
  • A certificate of accreditation will identify the lab’s status to colleagues and patients
  • Enhanced credibility when data is sent outside the institution or used in court
  • An accredited lab can be distinguished from local and regional competitors
  • EEG Laboratory Accreditation will improve laboratory image and establishes a reputation for integrity

Accreditation Application and Renewal

LAB-EEG Manual
Accreditation Application 
Accreditation Renewal
LAB Accreditation Policies