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Frequently Asked Questions

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ASAP was created to provide candidates an innovative one-stop online assessment resource. The ABRET Self Assessment Program is the only study tool created by ABRET for our Board Certification exams (EEG, EP, CNIM, CLTM and CAP), with more options in development!

Two affordable pricing options are available:

  • $69.99 per exam for one-month unlimited access
  • $157.97 per exam for three-month unlimited access

If you choose to renew your subscription you will automatically receive a 10% discount.

Absolutely! Those who renew will also receive an exclusive discounted price.

The most common cause of this is your email server blocking our software. If this occurs, please be sure to check your spam folder. If you still have not received anything, please contact the ABRET Executive Office at  (217) 726-7980 ex. 102.

Yes! Please click the ACCESS ASAP NOW button above, then click Register. Follow the appropriate instructions to purchase your desired subscription.

The ABRET Self Assessment Program is a tool to help you prepare for your Board Certification exam. However, ASAP is just one of many resources available and should not be the only means of preparation for board exams.

ASAP was designed with candidates in mind. Depending on your use of ASAP, you may experience various benefits.

A few benefits include:

  • Hundreds of questions custom-designed by ABRET credentialed professionals throughout the neurodiagnostic profession.
  • Realistic exam questions from each of the relevant exam categories, based on ABRET exam outlines.
  • Detailed, personalized reports to help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

ASAP is the only tool created by ABRET for the ABRET Board Certification Exam. With questions from each relevant exam category, it is a self-assessment tool to guide your study.

While ASAP is meant to help you practice for the exam, use of this product does not guarantee a passing exam score. Additionally, it is far more important to understand the meaning behind the questions and answers. Simply memorizing answers will not provide an adequate exam score or deeper understanding of the subject matter.

ASAP was custom designed by a dedicated group of ABRET credentialed educators and professionals to assist in preparation for Board Certification.

There are no tools that guarantee that you will pass any exam. This tool will show you similar questions and answers that will be on the ABRET Board Certification exam. As stated above, you must understand and digest the material. Passing an examination is not based on how much money you spend or the number of resources utilized. It is based on successfully applying your knowledge across the spectrum of the field. 


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