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Complex Spine (CNIM-CS)

Online Application

CNIM-CS Candidate Handbook

Content of the Examination for CNIM Specialist in IOM Complex Spine

Completion of Documentation Form

  1. The Candidate must be the primary technologist in the set-up, troubleshooting and monitoring of each case listed.
  2. Observation of a Complex Spine case may not be included in the required cases, but supervised cases are acceptable, if the requirements listed above are met.
  3. ABRET will accept documentation of up to two cases per day.  Do not submit more than the requested number of cases. 
  4. Complex Spine IOMs must be conducted within the last 5 years with a minimum of 10% completed within 24 months of application.
  5. Monitoring performed in the operating room during a surgical procedure should be included.  Pre-op testing and procedures do not satisfy this requirement.
  6. Documentation forms will be randomly audited which can delay or negate eligibility.


The Complex Spine microcredential is awarded for five years.

ABRET will award a digital certificate and provide verification at www.abret.org

Exam Fee = $400

Renewal Fee = $50

Current CNIM Required

5 years, renew in the year due to expire by submission of 15 CEUs specific NIOM Complex Spine and a current case log. 


Pass current exam.