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Remote Proctoring

The EEG and EP examinations are now available to be administered in two ways: at a physical Prometric test center or via live remote proctoring in your home or another quiet distraction free location.

For the live remote proctoring option, you must provide a computer with a camera, microphone, and an internet connection to allow real-time communication with a remote proctor.
The remote proctoring option requires candidates to download ProProctor™ software from Prometric to establish remote access to the candidate’s computer. This application includes Prometric’s test engine software, as well as a lockdown browser to ensure secure test delivery.

1. Run a system readiness check to confirm that your computer and network will allow testing through ProProctor,™ from this link: https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/Home/SystemCheck
2. Schedule your exam by visiting www.prometric.com and selecting the appropriate icon under Remotely Proctored Exam menu.
3. Download Prometric’s ProProctor™ application. This will enable you to take the exam online while a Prometric proctor is monitoring the examination process remotely. It is recommended that you download and install this software a day before you are scheduled to take the exam.

After you make your test appointment, Prometric will send you a confirmation email with the date, time, and location of your exam. Please check this confirmation carefully for the correct date, time, and location. Contact Prometric at (800) 741-0934 if you do not receive this email confirmation or if there is a mistake with your appointment.
Note: International candidates may also schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment online at prometric.com

Changing Examination Appointment
To reschedule current examination appointment to a different date within your three (3) month testing period, you MUST contact Prometric either online at www.prometric.com/abret or by phone at (800) 741-0934. Rescheduling Fees: 30 days prior to scheduled appointment there is NO ($0) Rescheduling Fee. 29-5 day prior to scheduled appointment there is a $50.00 US Rescheduling Fee. Paid directly to Prometric. *NO Rescheduling Permitted Less than 5 days prior to scheduled appointment.

Candidates have three (3) months from the status of “Eligible to Test” date to sit for the examination. After the 3-month period, candidates will need to reapply for the examination and pay new application fee. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS nor TRANSFER OF FEES

After completing the first section of the exam, you will have an optional 15-minute scheduled break. You must verbally notify the proctor if you will be taking this break and/or leaving the view of the camera. Wait for the remote proctor to respond before you take your break. If you do not wish to take the break, the click “resume Test” and the exam will restart on content section two.