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Measurement Assessment

The measurement assessment was created to give working technologists the opportunity to take boards, to keep technologists in the field by recognizing their experience, and to support the workforce. A skill-based assessment of measurement for electrode placement is a pre-requisite for both EEG Pathway III and Pathway IV. These pathways and skill assessments are being added based on concerns expressed by technologists in the field, the ABRET Board of Directors, and eligibility petitions.

Official ABRET announcement

(1)  EEG experience is defined as experience in clinical EEG for a period equivalent to 32 hrs/wk (1664 hrs).  Sleep experience is not considered equivalent to clinical EEG experience.

(2) Complete an in-person assessment hosted by ABRET. Eligibility is granted for two years – or – Successfully complete ASET EEG 202 course and have a current R. EEG T. sign off on your in-house assessment. Eligibility granted for two years. Download forms here.

(3)  ASET Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are a product of ASET (www.aset.org) and can be earned at any point during the EEG experience within the last 5 years. No more than 50% of hours may be earned from ASET journal quizzes.


The Assessment

  • In-person candidates will select a location and time in the application form below. Locations will be spread across the United States, and more will be added as they become available.

  • During your Measurement Assessment, you will have 30 minutes to complete your 10-20 measurements on a Sam mannequin. No electrodes will be applied. The exam is measurement only. Candidates taking an assessment within an in-house R. EEG T. may use a Sam mannequin head or a volunteer.
  • Marker, scratch paper, pencils, and tape measures are provided for all ABRET hosted assessments.
  • Mark your landmarks. In order to pass, you must mark these 6 points clearly.  FPZ, OZ, both pre-auricular points, nasion, and inion.

Practice your measurement by using the ABRET Measurement Form

Measurement Assessment Application

Assessment Handbook & Forms


 Due to state restrictions from COVID-19, locations may be added or canceled.


This assessment is for those who are applying for the R. EEG T. examination under Pathway III or Pathway IV.

If you have a current R. EEG T. that is willing to score your measurement, you will need to download the Pathway III Measurement Assessment Packet. This must be completed and signed by the R. EEG T. in order to submit your application.


Complete the packet above along with the ASET 202 EEG Course.

No. The Measurement Assessment is an in-person exam.

You may view up-to-date testing locations in the application.

No. The Measurement Assessment is only a pathway towards exam eligibility for the R. EEG T.

No. Once you pass the Measurement Assessment ABRET will update your eligibility status in your Credential Manager account.

Candidates who pass an in-person assessment hosted by ABRET have two years from the date the assessment was passed.

In-house/R. EEG T. scored assessments have through December 31, 2022 to apply for the EEG examination. 

A $50 fee is required along with your application.

Yes! Links for coinciding meetings are posted on the Measurement Assessment Application form.

In-person assessments: Those who do not pass the Assessment will be able to re-register for the same day if they choose. Reserving your same-day time slot may be done through the pass/fail notification messages.

Candidates may also opt to re-register for a different location and date.

Those who do not pass the same-day retake will need to select a new location through the online application form.