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 Public statement from the ABRET Executive Office | NA-CLTM exam


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2024 Examination Dates/Locations

July 28, 2024
Phoenix, AZ
ASET Annual Conference

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The candidate must have reviewed the long-term EEG and created the technical report. Technical report criteria must include display settings and an EEG description, must cover a minimum of one 12-hour period, and be written per the 2021 ACNS Terminology, the 2015 ACNS Consensus Statement on Continuous EEG in Critically Ill Adults and Children (Click Here – Consensus Statement), and per ILAE Seizure Classifications (Click Here - ILAE).   

NA-CLTM Sample Reports

(1) Documentation of 50 LTM cases must be submitted with the application. The cases must represent unique EEG recording sessions (can be either 1 Daily report within a multi-day recording session or can be 1 summary report of a multi-day recording session; cannot be 3 Daily reports for one patient recording). A documentation form is available on the ABRET website under NeuroAnalyst-CLTM Eligibility Requirements.

(2) 50 cases must have been recorded and reviewed within the last 5 years and are only counted after the candidate has obtained his/her CLTM. Patients must be age 1 year or older at the time of recording.

(3) Documentation forms will be randomly audited. Incomplete or incorrect information may delay or negate eligibility.

(4) *Advanced Practice LTM CEU’s must be acquired within 5 years of taking the NA-CLTM exam (ASET, ACNS, AES, etc.). No more than half of the total required CEU’s can be from in-house review sessions verified through completion of the NA-CLTM Advanced Credential CEU Completion Form.

(5) After 3 unsuccessful attempts to pass the examination, the candidate will need to wait 6 months and submit 10 advanced practice CEUs.

(6) The NA-CLTMcredential is awarded for five years.