Celebrating 60 Years of Credentialing Neuro Professionals


Recertification Hours for Clinical Instructors/Preceptors


ABRET wishes to recognize the contributions of technologists providing education to neurodiagnostic and neuromonitoring students. Teaching and mentoring are demanding jobs and require the ability to share knowledge, explain concepts, and model best practices. Confidence, patience, and dedication are all key attributes for success as a clinical instructor.

As of January 1, 2020, ABRET-credentialed technologists may earn up to 15 hours toward recertification for serving as a clinical instructor or preceptor for student technologists.

All CAAHEP Neurodiagnostic and Intraoperative Monitoring program preceptors/clinical instructors, as well as preceptors/clinical instructors for formal education programs recognized by ABRET, may be eligible to earn ABRET Recertification Credits (ARCs.)

ABRET Recertification Credits (ARCs) are hours that apply toward recertification of ABRET credentials. Clinical instructors must be credentialed in the area in which they are instructing. ARCs will be awarded to renew the credential related to the instruction rendered. Documentation will be required. Program Directors and Clinical Managers must verify participation. Depending on hours worked, up to three ARCs will be awarded for every six months of instruction and oversite. A maximum of 15 ARCs may be claimed for every 5-year recertification cycle.

ABRET is hopeful that this benefit will bring some recognition to clinical instructors, and encourage labs to participate as clinical sites for neurodiagnostic programs.

Janice Walbert, MS, CAE, FASET, FACNS


Need additional hours toward your recertification? Please visit ASET, ASNM, ACNS.