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NeuroAnalyst Update

The new ABRET NeuroAnalyst examination is entering its final stages before release.

Below you will find:

The candidate must have reviewed the long-term (LTM) EEG and created the technical report. Technical report criteria must include display settings and an EEG description, must cover a minimum of one 24-hour period, and be written per the 2012 ACNS Terminology, the 2015 ACNS Consensus Statement on Continuous EEG in Critically Ill Adults and Children, and per ILAE Seizure Classifications.

  1. Documentation of 50 LTM cases must be submitted with the application. The cases must represent unique EEG recording sessions (can be either 1 daily report within a multi-day recording session or can be 1 summary report of a multi-day recording session; cannot be 3 daily reports for one patient recording). A documentation form is available on the ABRET website under NeuroAnalyst-CLTM Eligibility Requirements.

  2. 50 cases must have been monitored within the last 5 years and are only counted after the candidate obtained his/her CLTM. Patients must be age 1 year or older at the time of recording.

  3. Documentation forms will be randomly audited. Incomplete or incorrect information may delay or negate eligibility.

  4. *Advanced Practice LTM CEU’s must be acquired within 5 years of taking the NA-CLTM exam (ASET, ACNS, AES, etc.)

  5. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to pass the examination, the candidate will need to wait 6 months and submit 10 advanced practice CEUs.

  6. The NA-CLTM credential is awarded for five years. 


*Please refer to the reference document “ABRET Advanced Practice LTM CEU Qualifications”, located in the NA-CLTM Candidate Handbook.
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