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Clarification Regarding ABRET Eligibility

There are three eligibility pathways for the R. EEG T. If you do not meet all the requirements for one of the pathways you may opt to petition your eligibility.

A petition of eligibility is for individuals who are working in the field and wish to take boards but do not meet current eligibility requirements. It is NOT a substitute for formal education. It is not for anyone just entering the field. It is to assist people with experience and training to have the opportunity to earn voluntary credentials.

In order to petition, you must have significant experience in clinical EEG, a minimum of two years. You must show you have completed EEG-specific education. You must submit letters of recommendation. You must submit documentation that you have personally recorded 150 EEGs. There are no guarantees of acceptance. Petitions are reviewed and audited on an individual basis.

Exam statistics show that technologists who attend a formal education program do significantly better on boards.

For accurate information on ABRET concerns, please contact the Executive Office.